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Essentials for New Legislation


Hedgeline's Code of Practice This was prepared at the time the Government was preparing its advice pamphlet, around May 02. In its initial draft stage this was telling the helpless victim what to do rather than the grower.

New legislation from Hedgeline members point of view, Material prepared for address to London tree workers December 15, 2000.

Some details of Hedgeline's essentials for new law which need to be further stressed, following on from the DETR statements at that meeting, December 18th 2000

Very brief summary of hedge-victims' requirements from new legislation May 2001

Some thoughts on the subject of hedge tyranny (1998) | Why we need hedge controls(1999)

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Some details of Hedgeline's Essentials for New Law which need to be further stressed, following on from the DETR Statements at that Meeting, December 18th 2000

Updated Summary of Hedgeline Members' Needs Regarding Certain Aspects of the New Legislation in view of the Summary of the Present State of the Legislation Given by The DETR on December 15, 2000. at the Meeting of London Tree Officers.


  • The minimum height of hedge to qualify for making a complaint should be 2 metres. 2 metres is plenty in a garden 15 foot wide.

  • Hedges should be reducible, under the New Law, to 2 metres in small gardens.

  • We identify a variety of forms of nuisance caused by problem hedges. Any criteria used to determine the height at which a hedge becomes a problem and therefore the height to which it should be reduced, should be capable of eliminating forms of nuisance such as excessive maintenance demands or overhang, soil depletion and the others previously identified. Forms of nuisance

  • We think all species of tree or shrub contributing to problem hedges should come within the scope of the New Legislation, but at the very least to all evergreen species. (Theis catagory to include semi-evergreens)

  • Our members would not consider it fair to pay excessively for relief from what will be, under the new law, a hedge causing an offence, but at the very least they require the law to be available to all. We require concession.

  • We do not think that problem hedges should be imposed on home owners for outside considerations. e.g.:-

    • If a hedge would be disfigured by cutting it is the victims choice as to whether it should be cut.
    • TPOs should not be allowed to override this law on hedges which would otherwise come within its scope.

  • We assume the Law will have effective means of enforcement, both as to the reduction of the hedge and as to the subsequent maintenance as the DETR have indicated that there will be these means.

  • A hedge grower should be able to claim as his right no more than 2 metres of privacy at the expense of his neighbour. The capacity of the new law to give relief from problem hedges depends on this.

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