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General advice on how to complain to the council if it seems to be behaving unreasonably
in its administration of the High Hedges Law

When a council official tells you something that you know you are not going to accept, that you intend to complain about just as soon as you stop speaking to them, ALWAYS ask them for their name. Then make a note immediately of that name, the time and date you spoke to them and how (telephone/council offices/letter. etc).

ALSO make a note of what they said that upset you - using their exact language e.g. they may have said "Look love, sorry about this but that's our line." As soon as you write in and say it was Ms Dove and she called me Love - her colleagues will immediately recognise this as her language and know she did indeed speak to you ! Another phrase is "Sorry, but at the end of the day that is what this council is doing." You could write in and say Mr Night said at the end of the day that was what the council was doing. Again his colleagues probably get bored out of their pants with him ending all his arguments with 'at the end of the day ........' again they will recognise him from your description of what was said.

  1. ALWAYS ask your local authority for its complaints form and put your complaint on that. Councils often quaintly call this form, 'compliments and complaints'.
  2. If they state they do not have one, or it is not available, then 'courtesy copy' your letter of complaint to your local MP
    Either action ensures the Local Authority will have to register your complaint officially (regarding statistics going to the Government on how they are performing,) and they cannot 'lose' your complaint. They will have to answer it.

Your complaint should be addressed either to the LA's complaints officer or the Head of the Department or the council official you have been dealing with. It always should be brief and to the point, no more than A4 size any letter longer than one page will not be read - an utter waste of words. Think about it, how do you feel when you start to read a letter that is more than A4 size long.

  1. It should comprise a first paragraph outlining your complaint.
  2. A second paragraph outlining what you require to resolve your complaint
  3. A third paragraph notifying them of a set time to answer and your further action should they fail to contact you.
  4. A fourth paragraph detailing how you sent the letter. (I am sending this letter by recorded delivery/I am hand delivering this letter to your offices (and will note the name of whoever takes it from me on my copy letter)/I am faxing this letter to your office (I will keep a copy of the record of faxing - journal - with my copy).

Be sure to complain to your council if you cannot afford the fee. Your council will be looking at the number of people who say they cannot pay.

Please note that TPOs do not take precidence over a remedial notice. TPOs and appeals


Advice compiled by Dot.
(Dot is monitoring the bedding-in of the High Hedges Law for Hedgeline).



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