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Political and Legislative Moves, Late 2003 (Hedge-Law passed)

Royal Assent for High Hedge Bill (+ link to text of Bill) | Links to notes on content of legislation | High Hedges formally included in ASB Bill in the Lords | Govt announces it will put through Hedge Bill in its ASB Bill | Leafletting Party Conferences 03 | Govt to put Hedge Bill through | Prime Ministers Question Sept 03 | Latest ODPM letter July 03

Political and Legislative Moves, Mid 2003

Lady Gardner tries to amend ASB Bill | Lady Gardner's Question in Lords | Some Tory MPs telling constituents Bill needed amending | Question in House 11th July | Ministerial Statement 20th June | Bill blocked at third reading | Content of Pound Bill | To qualify to use the new Law | Committee Stage of S. Pound Bill | 260 letters to Minister | Steve Pound Hedge Bill gets 2nd reading

Political and Legislative Moves, early 2003

Final 2 stages of Lady Gardner Bill | Letter from the Govt. Feb 03 | Lady Gardner Bill Committee Stage | Lady Gardner Bill 2nd reading | Stephen Pound MP adopts Hedge Bill

Political and Legislative Moves May 02 - December 03

Government Advice Pamphlet, Dec 02 | High Hedges Bill in House of Lords, 2nd reading, Dec 02 | Letter from PM, dated 22nd November | Private Members Bills Ballot winners  | This is a cross party issue | Government Support for Private Members Bill | Meeting with Minister and Continued Campaign | Govt. Letter, 7th July 02 |Draft Bill in Scottish Parliament | Much Publicised Dispute in Scotland

Political and Legislative Moves March to May 02

Hedgeline's Code for Hedge Growers | Draft Advice Leaflet to be restructured: possible changes in draft legislation | Changed Plans for DTLR Advice Leaflet | Meeting with the Minister | Victims' Needs Not Met by 'BRE Guidelines'

Political and Legislative Moves, Sept 01 - February 02

Tree religion and its implications for proposed legislation | Provisions for hedge control long in place on prestigious estate | Question in Lords re T.P.O.s, & timescale for legislation. Jan 02. | The BRE 'Guidelines' on Hedge Height: Our comments February 1st 2002. | The Government Draft Advice Pamphet: comments February 1st 2002. | DTLR States its Intentions regarding the BRE Guidelines | Revised Guidelines will be published | Government Statement, September 2001 | Party Conferences 2001 | Mr Brough prosecution for cutting.

Political and Legislative Moves June to August 2001
(On and just after the 2001 Election)

No Support from Ballot Winners | Not in Government Programme, June 2001 - September 2001 | Changes After the Election | Party Statements in Run-up to Election

Timescale for 'Draft Guidelines' | Disappointing, 'Draft Guidelines' | 'John Taylor Bill' Talked Out at Report Stage | Latest Government Statement April 2001 | Laws Already Operate | Dates for Readings of the Bill | Hedge Bill Passed Second Reading | John Taylor Hedge Bill Published (Text of Bill) | DTLR Briefing on the Bill and the Single Light-Criterion | New Legislation for Scotland | No New Law for N. Ireland | Ballot Winner, John M. Taylor takes on DETR Bill | Jim Cunningham's Bill | Debate in Lords - Nov 00

The Political Situation, & Govt. Initiatives Summer 2000 - Summer 2001

Govt. Proposes New Legistation. | Meeting at the DETR - Sept. 00. | Hedge Nuisance a Cross Party Issue | Reports on Government (DETR) and Scottish Consultation Papers

MPs Initiatives in Parliament, 1999/ Summer 2000

Lady Gardner's Hedge Control Bill in Lords | Jim Cunningham's Bill | EDM 133, Dr Lynne Jones | Hedgeline Meeting with Senior Politicians

Legislative Moves, 1999 and Before

New legislation - ASBOs | Queries about Statutory Nuisance | Voluntary Code for Retailers | Reports of Initiatives by Firms and Building Societies | Law Society's Letter to Govt. 1998

MPs Initiatives in Parliament during 1998 to 99

Detail of Jim Cunningham's Bill | Detail of Andrew Rowe's Bill | Progress of Jim Cunningham's and Andrew Rowe's Bills | EDM101, Lynne Jones | EDM 404, Jim Cunningham | EDM1003, Lynne Jones

Reports on Past Hedgeline Events

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