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'Neighbours from Hell',

The first of the big TV neighbour dispute documentaries, which covered hedge disputes was 'Neighbours' from Hell', broadcast in 1998 and covering the case of Brenda and John Laws, whose idyllic country cottage was walled in by the neighbouring landowner's leyland cypress hedge.

The programme featured a meeting of 20 or more Hedgeline members and was held in Michael Jones' house. This programme had a very large viewing audience and had a most significant effect on public attitudes to problem high hedges. The producers were Rod Williams and Claire Cavenaugh of Siguy Films and it was broadcast on Carlton TV.

'Neighbours at War',

This was a half hour documentary drawing on the 'Turnabout. and 'Downing Street' Events was broadcast on BBC, Channel 1, on Monday 21st September,1999, at 9.30, peak viewing time.
The producer of this programme Rod Williams, of Siguy Films, received a BBC commendation for this programme, which was watched by more than seven million viewers.

Hedgeline Turnabout and Downing Street Events

'Neighbours Still at War'

The BBC broadcast an excellent, Siguy Film 'Neighbours at War' documentary on Monday, March 27th, 2000. The producer was again Rod Williams. It featured our Westminster meeting of April 29th 1999. and shots of the 'Golden Urn of Hedge Petitions' from our Turnabout' mass meeting, 23rd August 1998.
It covered the case of the Mr and Mrs Small, who was said to had been asked to pay 5,000 per annum to their neighbour to compensate him if he cut down the, by now enormous, screening hedge he had planted. The programme also covered the case of Mr. Boddington, a retired postman, who lost his entire life's savings in court costs as a result of trespassing slightly over the boundary, when cutting back an huge hedge which was taking over his garden.

The handling of our problem was extemely sensitive and effective. The meaning was powerfully communicated by a masterly choice of momentarily held camara shots and emphasised by an economical use of excellently placed music.

Mass Meetings in Houses of Parliament


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