Messages from Disappointed Hedge Victims

What I would say is that is it DISGRACEFUL that the Councils are charging such high fees. Southampton charge 500 and expect you to get an independent mediator in first. A law is surely for everyone not just the well-off and as the situation will be increasing with the high density of housing being proposed across the country with pocket handkerchief gardens. I most certainly will be writing to Council Planning Department and my MP.
We live in the Midlands, are in our eighties, and have been plagued with Leylandi Trees for over 35years. The previous owner died 2 years ago, the property is now owned by his son. Without falling out, we did everything to solve this problem - it has ruined one half of our garden through lack of moisture, are 20 plus feet in height, several branches overhang onto our property, (too high to cut back), they restrict sun and daylight into our house and garden, and the roots stretch across the rest of the garden restricting proper growth. The local Council have been informed over the years, but seemed to be powerless to help. If they now offer their help we cannot possibly pay costs, no matter how much they may be.
Thank you for reading this letter. Because of age and disability we can do little to support.
Just had a form back from the Council,and they want 350 for me to fill it in.Now as I am a disabled pensioner myself there is no way I am going to pay that.So that looks like the end of the matter.
"I have had a bad hedge problem for many years. Eastleigh Borough Council is charging 450 pounds. I'm a pensioner and my father is 92! Money we can ill afford to pay. Talk about the innocent being penalised!"
I received the fee information this morning from my council - Wokingham District - and was horrified to find that they have set it at 600. I will be writing to my local MP and Councillor to complain, although I don't expect it will do any good...this fee is truly extortionate.
"The Borough of Telford and Wrekin are, quite incredibly, asking for a 500 application fee. We are absolutely astounded. I was always under the impression that we were the victims and now it seems like we really are, out there, on our own and having to dig deep to find funds of this nature. How can the council possibly substantiate these charges?"
"Torbay Council charges 400. No concessions. I will continue to suffer as I'm now in retirement with council tax taking almost half my total pension. The Government provides 8 million cash for travellers and gypsies. Do they pay council taxes? The council is unhelpful as restricted by Government rules. They suggested writing to my MP and said there was no money from the Government." (We think use of money from Government funding was allowed)
A very unhappy pensioner's report to be read on the Garden Law Forum

The pensioner has already negotiated with the neighbour who was pleasant and understanding but has done nothing to the nuisance hedge. He has only a state pension and told the Council he could not afford the 350 High Hedges Law fee. The Council said it would send him some booklets.

This will be 'Over the Garden Hedge' which gives advice on how to negotiate with the neighbour.

"Victims of other aspects of anti-social behaviour do not pay a penny for action to be taken so why are high hedge victims priced out of access to the law?" (a member's comment on Dover District Council's 350 fee)
"I am in the process of applying to Basildon District Council reference the High Hedge Law to have my neighbours hedge reduced in height, I have already applied to the Basildon Mediation service which was very helpful but as they received no reply from my neighbour they could not proceed further. Basildon council are charging 500. This is a lot of money for a problem caused by a thoughtless neighbour."


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