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We are the support and lobby group who successfully campaigned for control of hedge nuisance in the UK.

Our help site draws on the experience of thousands of members

The High Hedges Law passed in 2005 has directly and indirectly caused much hedge nuisance to be abated. Nevertheless serious loopholes have been found and the review which was promised by the Labour Government in 2005 is long overdue.

We were told that this Government would honour that commitment. We have presented the Government with a detailed outline of the loopholes that need closing and been told they are the same as the ones the Councils have identified.

Please let your MP know about this situation.




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Links to Items of Particular Current Interest

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We would like to warn

  1. A site called Bushywood is, at present, trailing our site on the Google searches. This site is in no way connected to us. The site owner seems to have a diverse range of political interests and is obviously keen that anyone looking for Hedgeline should also visit his site. These people have never have never been involvement with, or given any help to our campaign in any way.

The council is at present doing most of the initial advice work. We are helping with tricky appeals. We are still awaiting the promised review of the High Hedges Law. August 2010        

Bad Decision by Council which must not be allowed to result in serious weakening of the High Hedges Law. added July 2013

There is now a High Hedges Law in Scotland   March 2013

The written question asking the Government to give a date for the expected review of Fe 'High Hedges Law' has been answered   June 2012

The High Hedges Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 became fully operational on 31 March 2012   April 2012

In N. Ireland most of the fee money will be refunded by the councils when a complaint is upheld   March 2012

The new ministers as from the 2010 election are the Rt Hons Greg Clark & Bob Neill) August 2010

Where we are now and what we are doing (England & Wales)- a brief note -January 08, since when little has changed

Wales: There are serious problems with implementation of the High Hedges Law in Wales January 08 - no detailed information since

How to write initial letters to grower if you will be claiming back fees later

The High Hedges Law is failing many suffers from severe hedge nuisance. Councils must not risk killing hedges

APPEALS (Essential for anyone thinking of appealing to look at this advice quickly).

Council tried to withdraw enforcement case because of technicality - grower must have 28 days to appeal

Some councils are charging huge fees for High Hedges Law Model letters for those who can't afford them

A few messages to Hedgeline from disappointed hedge victims

Hedgeline's advice for Hedge victims about to use the High Hedges Law

Hedgeline's troubleshooting pages, focusing on Councils

'High Hedges Complaints: Prevention and Cure' Government Guidance Notes for local authorities (PDF) See links

Complaining to the council (PDF) Government document about making a complaint under the High Hedges Law.

Very easy ways to contact your MP or Councillor. Just type postcode into a website and the rest is done for you. See links

Scale of height reductions under the 'High Hedges Law' Light loss alone may not produce reasonable hedges

Damage to buildings will not be directly covered in the High Hedges Law.

Text of the High Hedges legislation Anti-social Behaviour Act, part 8 See links

Hedgeline Official Thanks ListWe are deeply indebted to a number of fair-minded, clever and energetic politicians and others.

Hedgeline's Code of Practice for Hedge Growers released (14th May, 02)

Finding a solicitor Answer to members' queries on the subject.

Hedgeline does not enter into litigation: cf - Disclaimer

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Hedgeline Origins and Aims

Hedgeline was formed on March 1st 1998, by Michael Jones and a small group of less than 200 people who contacted him as a result of his famous and much publicised, five year, court case. Many of these helped in some way with the setting up of Hedgeline and many other highly skilled members have also freely given their services to this venture. Some Individuals Mentioned

Since we closed our active campaign in May 2013 we cannot be quite as active in furthering these aims but there are stll faults and loopoles in the Law and there is room for new blood tro take up the challenge.

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Other Relevant Sites

Hedgeline is not directly responsible for most of these sites, and does not necessarily support the material on them.

Scothedge. The website of our Scots branch which is campaigning for a high hedges Law in Scotland.

Government Websites

To Use a Website to contact Your MP or AM

- To use these sites all you need to do is to type in use one of the above links. The homepage there asks you to enter your postcode. Your MPs details will appear. You then have to enter your name, address, phone number and a valid email address before you can compose your letter.
- When you have finished you will be sent an email (immediately), which confirms your message is genuine, and your email, now in fax form, will be sent.

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We try to give our members all the help we possibly can. We are basing our advice on our own experience and on that of other members of the group but we must make it clear that we are not legal experts, and that no member of Hedgeline can take any responsibility for any misunderstanding or adverse consequence, of whatever kind, or however caused, which may arise from the use of the contents of this website.
Hedgeline cannot, and shall not involve itself in the personal disputes of any Hedgeline worker, member, or other person. Hedgeline does not enter into litigation, and does not back financially or otherwise, any person, who does enter into litigation.
Hedgeline does not advise any person to enter into any litigation which goes beyond the fast track court, or the ASB Act part 8, High Hedges. and wishes to make it clear that any person using the fast track court, or the 'ASB Act part 8, High Hedges' does so on their own responsibility and at their own expense.
Likewise any official of Hedgeline who enters into litigation of any kind or for any reason will be doing so as a private individual and will be will be doing so at their own risk and expense. The action will be without the consent and authority of Hedgeline. This declaimer first appeared on our website with its present form and wording on 21 January, 2008

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Warwickshire Fungus Survey
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